New era of secure truck parking solutions

Driven by Innovation, we’re more than just a parking management company. TPM is the intersection of the trucking, real estate, and tech sectors, working tirelessly to address the urgent needs of truck parking. Our mission is to provide dependable, reservable, and safe state-of-the-art facilities for the trucking community.


Quality and innovation define the direction of our strategy

  • Addressing Infrastructure Deficits: The current infrastructure supporting the trucking industry remains insufficient to address the shortage of overnight truck parking.
  • Existing Lot Management: Focus on providing management to established and existing parking facilities to transform them into modernized and compliant lots.
  • New Lot Development: Partner with real estate investors to develop new parking facilities along freight corridors that have a shortage of overnight parking.
  • Secure and Dependable Parking: Our facilities are equipped with advanced security systems to provide a safe and secure environment for both drivers and their cargo.

TPM blends expertise, network, and strong partnerships

  • The diverse leadership expertise: TPM boasts a leadership team enriched with a multifaceted blend of expertise—spanning real estate, in-depth logistics and trucking insights, and a strong foundation in venture capital dynamics and technology.
  • Broad relationship network: Our reach extends through an extensive matrix of decision-makers in trucking, real estate, and technology, ensuring access to a national network of parking facilities.
  • Strategic partnerships: We benefit from a nationwide web of truck carrier affiliations fostered through our board member relationships and connections.

Improving truckers lives with safe parking and amenities

  • Change industry perception: We make reservations for overnight parking a necessity, not a luxury.
  • Simplify the process: TPM maps all available US truck parking in one easy-to-use interface.
  • Implement innovations: Our technology solutions make parking reservations as easy as booking hotel rooms.
  • Custom integration: trucking, logistics, and shipper companies can reserve parking when the load is dispatched and make appropriate changes if their trip is delayed.
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3200 Truck Parking Spaces Managed, Leased or Owned.

Strategies behind TPM success roadmap

With deep expertise in freight brokerage, trucking, real estate, and industry operations, we use this knowledge, along with Truck Park Management's resources, to tackle today's key challenges, improving logistics and truck travel.