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About us

Trucklots is a dedicated technology platform designed exclusively for real-time parking reservations by drivers and fleets as well as lot management capabilities for parking lot operators. This user-friendly cloud-based system streamlines the process of finding secure, reservable parking, ensuring ease of access and convenience for its users.

Driver app features

Ensuring ease of access and convenience for its users. 

Guaranteed reserved parking spot = no time wasted
Secure Payment
Parking and receipt history directly on the app
User friendly = no hassle
Available for IOS + Android

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Lot owner dashboard

Key features for parking owners. Our lot management approach​

Comprehensive reporting & analytics​

Unique customer data capture & retention​

Notifications for all reservation-related events ​

Financial reporting for lot related revenue

Notifications in real time

Active 24h

Secure Payment

Up to date

Always available parking lots

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